About The Spirit Quest


“Our story begins my friends like all true stories must.

As I shall tell this yarn, a wondrous tale and in me you must trust.

The words you are about to hear and the message you'll receive.

Must be felt deep within your heart and truly be believed.


Our story starts in a home like yours but here all have lost hope.

For the parents are troubled and deeply sad and the children sit and mope.

This family's fallen on hard times, and it seems there's little love.

What they need is a miracle, intervention from above.


For the grandfather is ill you see and the family’s lost its cheer.

And all this now happening at the worst time of the year. 

For it's oh so close to Christmas, and the fir tree's not yet trimmed.

Not a wreath is hung upon the door and all the light has dimmed.”

Excerpt From: Shawn Key. “The Spirit Quest.” iBooks. 

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© Shawn R. Key 2017