Audio Book


This is the Audio Book. By clicking on each chapter, the story unfolds with beautiful narration and music. I recommend listening to the audio book chapters while flipping through the eBook, although it is equally enjoyable to pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa, relax and just listen!

Chapter 1: Prelude

Chapter 2: Grandmother’s Attic

Chapter 3: Nine O’Clock

Chapter 4: The Oracle

Chapter 5: The First Globe (The Goblin King)

Chapter 6: Ten O’Clock

Chapter 7: The Second Globe (Faeries)

Chapter 8: Eleven OClock

Chapter 9: The Third Globe (The Boy who would be a Cricket)

Chapter 10: Twelve O’Clock

Chapter 11: The Fourth Globe (The Ice Woman)

Chapter 12: Epilogue (The Spirit Light)

© Shawn R. Key 2017