Songs Inspired by The Spirit Quest

10 Finale

As the project evolved, I found myself inspired by the story to write a LOT of music that was sparked by the positive energy I took from the world of The Spirit Light. So I did! I had the good fortune to record with world class artists who had collectively sold millions of records and played in front of millions of fans! These songs are meant to be listned to separately from the story, although I find myself sometimes taking small breaks and listenin to three songds between the various globe themed chapters. This is the pinnacle of my musical career and I genuinaly hope everyone likes the songs!


Dance of the Black Cherry Faeries


Words of Wisdom


Seven Chakras


Hope Springs Eternal

Dance of the Knights (Cover)

Hearth Crickets of 1865

Music Box Dancer (Cover)

Man in the Moon

Dance of the Black Cherry Faeires (Instrumental Bonus Track)

Demos slated for Christmas 2018 release:

Back Again

Dirty Lil Secret

Ever the Same


One Moment in Time

That Guy

Spirit (Revisited)

And it’s Raining

Hand Me Down

All in the Name (of Rock and Roll)

I am Yours

Heart on my Sleeve

California Dreamin’ (Cover)

Bonus: Advent Calendar 2017

© Shawn R. Key 2017